Andromeda was the daughter of the King and Queen Ethiopia. Andromeda’s mother, Cassiopeia was a vain and arrogant person who boasted of Andromeda’s beauty claiming that she was more beautiful than Hera, Zeus’s wife, and the Sea Nymphs, Poseidon, the Sea God’s, daughters.  Poseidon got angry when he heard her boasting and sent a terrible sea monster called Cetus to the shores of Ethiopia.

Filled with panic and fear, Andromeda’s father, Cepheus, rushed to the Oracle of Apollo who answered his pleas by saying that Poseidon’s rage would only be placated if the King sacrificed his beautiful daughter, Andromeda, to the sea monster.

 Even though the decision was a painfully hard one, the King knew that, in order to save the rest of his subjects, he had no choice but to sacrifice his daughter.  Andromeda was tied to a rock opposite the ancient harbor of Jaffa where she waited serenely for her fate to be delivered.

It was at this moment that Perseus, son of Zeus, the king of the Gods, and the beautiful Danae, saw Andromeda as he was returning home with the Medusa’s head after having killed the monster.

When Perseus saw the beautiful Princess he first he mistook her for a statue until he saw her hair, blowing in the wind, and her tears, glittering in the light.  He fell in love with at that very moment and called out to her:

 “The only chains that that should bind you are the chains that bind the hearts of two lovers.  Tell me your name and why you are bound to this rock”.

At first, Andromeda was silent but after Perseus pleaded with her time after time, the beautiful maiden finally told him the reasons for her plight.  Even before she could finish, the waters began to rage and from the water emerged the fearsome monster.  Perseus flew around the monster on his winged sandals, pounced on it and, just as he had done to the Medusa, cut off the monster’s head and killed it.

Our young hero immediately freed the young Princess and returned her to her parent’s home where he asked her grateful parent’s for her hand in marriage.  They agreed immediately and the two were married in a grand ceremony.

According to the legend, Perseus, the son of Zeus, the King of the Gods, saw Andromeda for the first time at the very spot upon which Andromeda House stands today, at the top of “Gan HaPisga” (Summit Park) and which overlooks Andromeda’s Rock.