Commercial Events

Andromeda House hosts a range of commercial events including launchings, presentations, conferences, study days, company events, productions of different sorts and more

Andromeda House has been designed to allow for maximum flexibility that allows for a wide range of commercial events, each different in size and content, to be held within its walls

 The House is divided into floors which make possible conferences, lectures, study days, enrichment days or any other corporate event requiring that the event space be separated from the reception or food area

The size of the House, some 750 square meters, and the space’s design flexibility allow you to hold events, from those with a small number of guests to cocktail parties with up to 400 participants

The Andromeda House team’s great experience in commercial events for some leading companies allows you to plan and produce your commercial event in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, cut off from outside distractions and adapted to your budget and with all the support services you require for a successful commercial event